20 March 2011

Project Success

Remember that time I failed big time on the project I was working on? Well, if at first you don't succeed, try try again.

I made these counting fish for my nephew's second birthday. I was first inspired by this post, which linked me to this blog (which happens to use the same background as I do.) Because of the small buttons that could potentially pose a choking hazards, they may not be quite suited for his age yet. I think he can still have fun with them with adult supervision, though.

Each of the fishies has a specific number of objects on it from 1 to 10. Then, there is a washer in their nose (do fish have noses?) and a magnet on the end of a string attached to a dowel so that the fish can be "caught." I had to do some embroidery for this project, including blanket stitch around the edges. I was a little intimidated by that, so I put off the final step until late the night before they needed to be finished. I then learned, that blanket stitch is disgustingly easy.

Number 8 is my favorite.

But number 4 is pretty great too.

I do what i can to not-so-subtly encourage the little guy to hone the skills that he will need as an engineer. Hence, the counting game for a two-year-old. I also slipped this puzzle into the package. I picked it up in the Target 1 spot, and added my own labels. Engineering school, here he comes!

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