24 February 2011

Project Fail

Sometimes my projects turn out better than expected. Sometimes they don't. See exhibit A below:

I'm not going to tell you what this project was supposed to be, but stay tuned, because I intend to try again! I got a little too eager to work on this project, and the results were sadly quite disappointing. I was trying to do too much too quickly, and I ended up botching the whole thing. The picture above is supposed to be a fish. He didn't turn out very fish-like (technical term) so I tried to help him by outlining in zig-zag stitch. It was well intentioned, but it just made matters worse. In the end, I cut the fish open and sewed in a squeaker that was salvaged from another doggie toy, and Oliver got a new little friend to play with. He was so excited that I couldn't get a decent picture of him. The fish lasted all of about 15 minutes. Now, he is swimming with the fishes, so to speak.

After the blue fish, I also destroyed a yellow one. The rainbow-striped fish was the only one that actually turned out pretty well, but then I realized there was a hole in the fabric. Sigh. I hear my fifth grade teacher's voice in my head right about now, "Haste makes waste."

I think I'll call it a night and hope for better luck tomorrow.

21 February 2011

The birds and the bees

I made these little guys for four adorable children at church. Their parents had just as much with them as the kids did (if not more). They would be fun for an Easter basket, because they are about the shape and size of an egg.

These cute little bees were a quick and easy knit and also a lot of fun. Oliver the dog even took off with one and claimed it for himself (naughty puppy). I made these two for my Aunt "B." She's the bees knees.

18 February 2011

Breakfast Experiment

I HATE throwing away food. I can't stand the thought of the wasted money and it makes me feel like such an ungrateful slob. Last night I was preparing my lunch for work when I noticed a container of brown rice that has been in the fridge for over a week (I'm afraid to think how long it's really been there.) It smelled OK, so I realized it was now my job to eat it for breakfast. I cooked it on the stove with a bit of milk, brown sugar and vanilla and it was DELICIOUS! It might have been better if it was a little thicker, so I would recommend either using less milk or cooking it longer (I was running late for work.) Also, if you use soy milk, you might want to reduce the sugar, because it was a tad sweet for my taste

Experimental Breakfast
1 c. cooked brown rice
1 c. milk
1 Tbsp. brown sugar
1 dash Vanilla extract

Add all but rice in a small sauce pan on medium heat until the sugar is dissolved. Add rice and slowly cook, stirring often util it is the temperature/consistency you like. Enjoy!