24 February 2011

Project Fail

Sometimes my projects turn out better than expected. Sometimes they don't. See exhibit A below:

I'm not going to tell you what this project was supposed to be, but stay tuned, because I intend to try again! I got a little too eager to work on this project, and the results were sadly quite disappointing. I was trying to do too much too quickly, and I ended up botching the whole thing. The picture above is supposed to be a fish. He didn't turn out very fish-like (technical term) so I tried to help him by outlining in zig-zag stitch. It was well intentioned, but it just made matters worse. In the end, I cut the fish open and sewed in a squeaker that was salvaged from another doggie toy, and Oliver got a new little friend to play with. He was so excited that I couldn't get a decent picture of him. The fish lasted all of about 15 minutes. Now, he is swimming with the fishes, so to speak.

After the blue fish, I also destroyed a yellow one. The rainbow-striped fish was the only one that actually turned out pretty well, but then I realized there was a hole in the fabric. Sigh. I hear my fifth grade teacher's voice in my head right about now, "Haste makes waste."

I think I'll call it a night and hope for better luck tomorrow.

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