04 November 2010

I've been knitting a zoo!

Recently, I've had six requests from family and friends to knit them animals to give as baby gifts. So, I've been knitting like mad to finish them. For one, I even pulled an all-nighter in order to finish it just in time for my neighbor to wrap and take to the baby shower! It was kind of invigorating to stay up that late. I felt like I was in solidarity with my friends still in school. However, they are probably cramming for exams, and I was just knitting like a maniac. So far, my zoo count came up to two monkeys, two dragons, a penguin, and a floppy dog.

The penguin was my favorite. He was just so round and huggable! It was are very simple and quick pattern too!

The dragon was cute, but not as cute as I was hoping. I thought the tail was too short and back legs turned out strange. I guess this dragon just has thunder thighs!

Oliver love his new puppy friend! Actually, he probably was just excited that I stayed up all night with him instead of putting him in his kennel and going to bed. On a side note, I know how to fix red-eye in photos, but how does one easily fix green-eye? I think this must be a problem that is unique to animal eyes.


  1. These are awesome! I especially like the monkeys.

  2. That penguin is totally the coolest stuffed animal i've ever seen. Just sayin'.

  3. Love the animals you have made. They are each filled with their own personality. Especially love the monkeys....oh and the puppy...