18 June 2011

One room complete

We finished putting the final decorating touches on the main bathroom today which means...drumroll please!...We finally have one room entirely painted, unpacked, decorated and functional! Well, actually, there is still no hot water in the shower, but we are working on that (and we have another shower, so it doesn't seem terribly pressing.)

Here is what the bathroom looked like before. It was very dull and unhappy.

Here's the bathroom after we finished!

Voila! Isn't that just so much better!

We bought this awesome painting above at an auction held at our church to fund missions programs. It was made by our multi-talented 10 year-old friend Caroline. Speaking of Caroline, her dad compiled an amazing book for her. It's a compilation of letters written by women of all generations about what life was like when they were 10 years old. If you're interested in reading it, you can buy it here. I HIGHLY recommend it for yourself or any 10 year-old girl in your life. As a bonus, $2 from every sale will go the Circle of Care ministry for women and children through the United Methodist Church of Oklahoma.

And now, back to the bathroom!

I found these awesome little buckets in the Target One-Spot for $1 each! The shelf was stolen from my mom's house and the picture has been in my possession for years, and never made it to a wall before. I think that the cacti colors really tie-in with the room well. I love the one with the red ball!

I bought this lovely flowers for 25 cents each at the farmers market this morning! I LOVE the farmers market. I also came home with a breakfast burrito and rosemary and basil plants.

The curtain and rug are also from Target.

I'm very happy with how the bathroom turned out! I feel very accomplished now that we have one room ENTIRELY FINISHED!!!! Here's a little sneak peek of a post in my queue right now. I will be telling you how I made ALL of these containers from items in our recycling bin. Stay tuned!


  1. What a sunshiney room! Sounds dangerous to finish the bathroom first though... Are you and Sam finding yourselves competing to spend time in there now?

  2. Haha! There's no fighting yet (Sam prefers the toilet in the other bathroom.) It's lovely to have the bathroom finished first. It makes the beginning and end of my day so much better. Every time I walk by, I have to stop and admire my handiwork. :)

  3. I love target and what a pretty potty.
    Im visiting all the blogs from DRT V this year today. Love yours